Since love has no age, Alina Lozano agrees at 54 to marry Jim Velásquez, 23

She is 54 years old and he is 23. But since love has no age, the veteran actress Alina Lozano agreed to marry the young Jim Velásquez.

A few days ago the couple announced their engagement, after a year of loving relationship.

Since then they have been together participating in television programs and are the target of jokes and criticism on social networks, while they have taken it easy.

The Colombian actress of “Hasta que la plata nos separes”, “La reina del sur” and “Pedro el Escamoso” feels in the best moment of her life.

“Suddenly if I had met him 10 years earlier, 15 years earlier, I don’t think this relationship would have been possible…” Alina declared in a recent interview for the “Al Rojo Vivo” program (Telemundo). “And I would have 10 love, it wouldn’t be possible either”, Jim interrupted her with the most joking tone.

The couple met when she was giving him acting classes. They began to play a story in which a young man fell in love with a woman much older than him. In this case, reality was stranger than fiction and over time a spark of love interest was ignited between the two of them.

The journalist Carolina Soto, on the television program “Día a día”, asked Lozano and Velázquez about the estimated date of the marriage, to which the actress replied: “The truth is, he gave me the ring during the interview, and that he He was going to where his parents were, and the parents’ car was waiting for him outside, and he left. Until today I saw him, so we haven’t talked about anything”.

The date of the wedding is yet to be defined, while many people also think that it is a media stunt for them to gain influence on social networks.

Jim is convinced that he found the love of his life and that he has been admiring her since his mother tuned in to the soap opera “Pedro el Escamoso”, from Caracol Televisión, and that starred Miguel Varoni.

“Love, I grew up watching you when I was a year old, my mom would make me watch ‘Pedro El Escamoso’. And from that moment I knew that you were the woman of my life… I already verified it and I want you to accompany me for the rest of my days, ”she said on television.

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