The pets of Simu Liu, the first actor of Asian origin to lead a Marvel movie, is Dominican. He rescued her from a street in Santo Domingo while filming the movie here "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings", according to what he told "People VIP".

He named the dog "Chopa", with which he assured he had an immediate connection since he saw her and now lives as "one princess".

The name of "Chopa" It comes from Dominican slang and is usually derogatory, but in another culture it can be funny, so it follows that the actor simply found the expression heard here funny. (The word chopa comes from "shopper", adapted here after the North American invasion of 1916, and refers to people who take care of domestic services).

The People in Spanish portal reviews the interview in which the actor tells that during the filming of the feature film in the city of Santo Domingo there were several stray dogs as part of one of the scenes and there he began to play with them, meeting the dog and decided to adopt her.

"I feel that all the dogs that I have come across in the Dominican Republic, in the shelter or on the street, have wonderful behavior. They are all gentle, sweet, and good. They really moved me and I recommend it to everyone … if you are in the Dominican Republic or if you are considering having a dog, instead of buying it, adopt it"he was quoted as saying by People.

Simu Liu, 32, said on his Instagram that“Chopa" live a princess life at home and is happy with hugs, "even more than when I met her in the Dominican Republic".

The pet is playful, added, "and he will not hesitate to get on the bed, chair, sofa at any time to be able to sit next to you. She is infinitely sweet and always vigilant, picking up my subtlest signals".

Then he added: "She is infinitely sweet and always vigilant, picking up my subtlest signals. All things considered, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made".

Simu Liu is the protagonist of the superhero movie "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings", in which Hollywood embraces Asian culture in a new Disney integration effort.

Notable works include Jung’s role in the sitcom "Kim’s Convenience", from CBC Television.

He received nominations for the ACTRA Awards and Canadian Screen Awards for his work on the series Blood & Water.", refers Wikipedia.

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