Simpler Checkout arrives in Spain to help e-commerce companies increase their profitability

Easierthe innovative one-click checkout that already works more than 500 retailers in Greece and the United Kingdom, now presents its revolutionary online shopping experience in Spain. With Simpler, shoppers enjoy a quick, hassle-free process that simplifies their purchasing process, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates and profitability for eCommerce businesses.

Easier – the world’s easiest way to shop online is launched in Spain with a new concept aimed at solving the long-standing problem of complicated payment processes, a problem that causes e-commerce They lose 18 million euros in sales every year, Worldwide. With Simpler, online shops can have fun Up to 50% higher conversion ratesfewer shopping cart abandonments and more registered customers.

With its easy installation process and seamless integration with leading eCommerce platforms such as Prestashop, Woocommerce, Magento and more, Simpler enables retailers to build long-term relationships with customers and provide them with a fast, convenient and secure experience that meets their changing needs to meet needs while improving the company’s profitability.

“Simler represents a significant shift in the way people shop online. Our team has worked closely with our first Spanish trading partners to identify the key factors and pain points that lead to cart abandonment, thus adapting our product to the market. This makes our product not just another payment solution, but rather a comprehensive shopping experience that simplifies and streamlines the entire purchasing process. – Bautista Maquirriain, Country Manager in Spain.

Retailers using Simpler have reported unbeatable results, including increased sales, lower cart abandonment rates, and higher customer satisfaction. Simpler’s one-click shopping experience has shown that it has the potential to increase conversions by up to 46%. It’s also the best way to channel impulse purchases, with eCommerce companies seeing a 48% increase in orders from product pages. Finally, the platform has received an impressive average rating of 4.9 out of 5 in post-purchase surveys, highlighting high levels of buyer satisfaction.

Simpler is launching in Spain at a time when Spanish e-commerce is booming. In 2023, e-commerce purchases will reach an impressive 33.82 million users, making it the fourth largest e-commerce market in Europe. The future is also promising: the number of users is expected to increase by 25% to 37 million in 2025. Simpler sees its role as fundamental, with the aim of establishing itself as an indispensable ally for retailers in the growing Spanish market. . The company’s value proposition is to enable increased sales through a seamless shopping experience and greater personalization for the customer. In line with this vision, Simpler plans to invest more in the country and expand its team, reflecting the great importance of the Spanish market for Simpler’s growth.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the shopping experience and reshape the way people interact with e-commerce and retailers.” We are committed to making this vision a reality through strategic alliances with numerous retailers across Spain . We also aim to expand our shopping process to offline channels to provide an unparalleled omnichannel experience that makes shopping easy and enjoyable for everyone,” – Rania Lamprou, CEO

To learn more about Simpler and how it can help you increase your sales while optimizing your customer experience, book your demo Here.

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