“Simple” Christmas dinner for five will cost around RD$5,000

For several weeks the different supermarkets filled their gondolas not only with decorations alluding to the time, but also with those foods with which the Dominicans will eventually prepare the dishes to taste in Good night.

Although it is true that there are 10 days left for the celebration of Christmas and that there are many who still do not receive double salary, it is good to know how the prices of certain products are going as a way of planning.

in a tour ofdaily listby different establishments located in the National District, the cost of different items for the preparation of rice, meat and pastries that families share with loved ones was verified.

For these purposes, a calculation was made for a family made up of six members, considering the basic dishes that are not so elaborate and that are optional on the table for these festivities.

In the case of baked chicken, this family must buy two units that total RD$618 both, given that the main supermarket chains agree with the unit price at RD$309.

However, buying raw chicken would decrease the cost, since it would cost RD$150 per unit.

Dominicans accompany this evening with other types of meat such as pork leg, which is RD$105 a pound, so buying two pounds would amount to RD$210.

If you prefer to buy turkey, the price per pound is RD$208. For two pounds the household would have to find another RD$416.

When talking about rice, a cereal that is a favorite among the dishes prepared by Dominicans for these dates, one thinks of moro de guandules, rice with corn and Christmas rice. If it is decided to buy the rice that is sold at a price of RD$28 per pound, three pounds would be required for a total of RD$84.

Buying a can of pigeon peas would cost RD$121, as well as RD$160 for two at a price of RD$80 each and another RD$96 for a small bottle of oil.

Russian salad

Another of the dishes that people like to eat on these dates is the Russian salad and its preparation involves a mixture of potatoes (five pounds) for RD$49, carrots (two pounds) for RD$28, and beets (two pounds) for RD$24.

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Other ingredients used are eggs (six) whose unit is available for RD$8; mayonnaise at RD$133, and onions at RD$43 per pound.

As a way to give it a different touch, some housewives add apples; a pound of this fruit is sold for RD$64 and others also add raisins, which can be found in small boxes for RD$25 in those establishments.

Meanwhile, the green salad includes tomatoes at RD$40 per pound: lettuce at RD$42 per unit, as well as cucumber at RD$20 per pound.


Other dishes that are not absent at dinner are spaghetti and its preparation involves the purchase of pasta, where the pound is RD47; tomato sauce at RD$50, as well as garlic at RD$141 per pound.

To this is added, two teleras with a unit price of RD$95.

a cake
For this family to taste a ripe plantain pastry at Christmas, they must take into account that the price of ripe plantains is RD$25 per unit and ground beef is RD$160 per pound.

For this particular, according to the proportions, nine bananas will be needed, as well as a pound and a half of beef.

Christmas sweets and fruits

Two bags of marshmallows cost RD$138, a package of nougat for RD$112, and two packages of chocolates for RD$348.

Meanwhile, the green apple at RD$74 per pound, pears at RD$59 per pound, as well as from RD$125 per pound.

The cakes and cupcakes

The value of the pastry package of various types of fillings is priced at RD$253 in those establishments.

The popular sheet cakes vary from the type of dough: whether they are made from plantain or cassava and cost around RD$100 per unit. In this case, as it is a family of six, it would reach RD$600.

As for drinks, the price in supermarkets is as follows: a two-liter soft drink RD$72, cider from RD$174 and punch at RD$330.

By adding these amounts, taking into account that there are families that consume more food than others regardless of the number of their members, this Christmas Eve dinner would be around RD$5,000.

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