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Simeone raises the price of Morata: Key player for Atlético

From the mattress environment there has been a change of plans with the striker

Atlético de Madrid prepares for the tour in Asia, which is part of the preseason and where Álvaro morata will be part of the staff that has traveled to South Korea. Although the future of the man from Madrid is still up in the air, Diego Simeone’s men have changed their minds and will give him continuity, at least in the preparation matches.

Let’s remember that Morata has not exhibited his best form at Atlético last year. In any case, his performance is the object of desire by several clubs, which want to count on his goals. It is precisely Inter Milan that has been most interested in incorporating the former Juventus and Real Madrid player.

Morata could leave Atlético
The colchoneros could receive a key offer for Morata and make a move to increase the value of his departure

Álvaro Morata is still in Inter Milan’s plans and Atlético takes advantage of the tour in Asia to raise its price

In this way, it has been possible to establish that although Simeone has doubts with the 30-year-old striker, the idea of ​​having it as the protagonist while the summer market happens, is more of a strategy to raise its price. He remains relevant in the games that will take place in Asia, where he will start in attack with Antoine Griezmann.

The duo of goals in Atlético de Madrid is the one made up of Morata and the Frenchman. This is how it has been known in the training sessions that the club has carried out and where there are several novelties, except for the names that will be in charge of scoring in the rival goal. This only indicates one thing and that is to give you options so that those interested can raise their offer.

Together with Griezmann, the striker from Madrid will be the two offensive men for Simeone’s men

In that order of ideas, the striker will continue to be at the forefront of the mattress attack while the desired offer reaches the offices. Inter Milan urgently needs to add a new element in this area from the field of play and look again at the goalscorer and international with Spain.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. For now, Morata will continue to wear the Atlético jersey and Simeone’s plans include giving him minuteseither to stay or to continue obtaining a poster in the remainder of the summer market.

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