Simeone: “Planning? There is nothing until we go to the Champions League”

Diego Pablo Simeone spoke at a press conference about the match against Elche. The Atlético coach indicated about Oblak that “we spoke with Jan, it is important that he recovers from his health and at this moment we are concerned that he recovers well.”

Same eleven: “Things happen naturally, we look for what will best generate us to win the games and that is how we have behaved. Sometimes repeating team and sometimes changing. We don’t vary our behavior much and the team maintains a regular line”.

The rival: “We continue to think the same way. We are going to face a team that since the arrival of the new coach has improved the rhythm of the game in the rival field, has a good number of centers in the offensive part, He has tried to have a great collective work in the defensive part, there are no players who remain off the hook… It is a team that plays compact and trying to withdraw as a group. We don’t look at anything other than the match”.

system in the future: “We are going after what we have in the squad and consequently we will look for what is best for the team to close points”.

descended: “No, the way of approaching the match does not change anything due to the fact that Elche is relegated. What I see of the rival we discuss with the boys, we have seen offensive and defensive situations of the rival. We work in the same way, for Elche it is a good opportunity to play a good game. It will depend on how we play the game”.

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Second: “No no, runner-up no, second. Runner-up is underground, below, second is second. We do not look beyond the match against Elche. The goal goes without saying. We have always tried to get as high as possible, as high as possible and we are not going to change ”.

Planning: “I don’t want to be short in the answer. I can’t answer until we qualify for the Champions League. Hopefully we can carry out a broader examination after the match against Elche”.

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