Simeone insists that Atlético reactivate the signing of James

The mattress club offers to rescue the midfielder from his bad adventure in Qatar

One of the signings with which the coach Diego Simeon I wanted to count for him Athletic 2021-22 was without a doubt that of the Colombian James Rodriguez. The former merengue and Bayern Munich has always been to the tastes of the Argentine coach, and at the moment it does not disappear from his radar. He would even have already asked Andrea Berta to find ways to get to him.

For his part, the coffee midfielder not having a good time at Taste and even in his sports career. And it is that since he decided to sign with him Al Rayyan, things in his professional life have not turned out the way he wants. It is clear that the level of the Qatari club is low but this is affecting the footballer a lot, such as his performance in the Colombia selection.

James Rodríguez does not have a good time in Qatari football, and Atlético offers to save him.

Simeone wants to repeat Carrasco’s formula and apply it to James Rodríguez

If there is something that stands out in the Argentine coach, it is his good eye towards excellent players and his ability to regenerate them footballingly. An example of this was in 2019, when he decided that Atlético would re-sign Yannick Carrasco, who played in the Chinese league. The Belgian was lost in an exotic football that did not contribute anything to him sportingly.

The same goes for James Rodríguez, who, as a result of his signing with the Qatari team, spent several months away from the Colombian team. The worrying thing is that a few weeks ago he was summoned again, but his version of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is not even 10% similar. It is clear that the offensive midfielder must get out of there and the mattress box is his best option.

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Madrid would once again be the home of James Rodríguez if he says yes to Simeone and Atlético

There is no doubt that the Colombian had a good performance at Real Madrid and that his adaptation, although it was not fast, did improve the tactical functioning of the club. It was clear that the Spanish capital suited the player very well, so much so that he did not want to leave Chamartín. Even when he was playing for Bayern Munich, he wanted to return to Spain.

Simeone hopes that this feeling for the city and capital of Spain remains intact, as he will use it to convince James Rodríguez. Although it is about landing in the rival of the Madrid derby, it is an opportunity to return to the top of Europe with a legendary team. Berta does the math and they believe that signing her could cost between 15 and 20 kilos, an affordable figure for the mattress coffers.

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