Diego Pablo Simeone took advantage of the international break to speak with the Argentine media Olé on his 25th birthday. In a preview of the talk, The Atlético coach analyzes his social life with his daughters and explains the possibility that existed for Messi to reach the rojiblanco club with his friend Luis Suárez.

“I’ll tell you a detail, now with what happened in Barcelona we called Luis (Suárez). With all my respect, I didn’t call Leo, but I did call Luis to ask how Messi was doing, if he was eager or if there was a minimal possibility that he would come to Atlético. Something that lasted three hours, because already PSG was obsessed with that incorporation. If it was something? No, not at all, you see the plane passing through the sky and you say here it comes, well (laughs) ”.

El Cholo also analyzes the option of having had Messi under his command at some point. “There were no situations to direct him. He was always at Barcelona, ​​I was in Spain at Atlético and we don’t coincide as players in the national team. But to me, he transmits that to me. If you ask me where Messi has to play, I tell you in a team that wants to win. On a team that knows what it has to do to win. It doesn’t matter what he plays, it matters that the team is prepared to win. Don’t think about him, think about the team ”.

In the preview offered by Olé, Simeone also delves into his personal life. “The coach you see on the field is different from the one outside. There are few who know the person, I have few friends, I am to have few friends, although I know many people. And I have a normal, family life, I am very close to mine, the truth is that every day is taking the girls to school in the morning. We get up at 7:30, an hour later we go to school with the classic mates and the daily day that you consume a lot of football and we live in a country that is wonderful and has a very beautiful social life that allows us to visit good places to relax and compensate the work with the social. We play with the girls what they propose, to tell her many stories that can make them think and imagine. Then it is all to play, to go to the living room, to go to a friend’s house and everything that girls grow up and play in any house. Now not so much with the ball as with the boys, which was easier and more with dolls and other toys ”.

The Argentine media also published a video where Cholo remembers his passage wearing the ’10’ of the national team. “I was a bib thief for a little while. But I think I represented her quite well, I won two Americas Cups with her. I will be a log or they’ll call me a log, but I played with the ten and got the Cup twice. I was talking to De Paul when he was on his way to come and he sensed something about them that was being very positive. Scaloni, Roberto, Samuel, Aimar … create a good atmosphere and work capacity and seek to promote the players who have. And I think the best way to represent it is how they did it. You may like it more or less, but I have no doubt that playing as a team is easier and they succeeded. Without overflowing with the enthusiasm of some who like a certain type of game, but being forceful, respectful of the characteristics of their players and empowering the players that the team has ”.


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