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Simeone forces Atlético to rate Joao Félix on the ground

The Portuguese footballer is not at all happy with his situation in the rojiblanco team

joao felix started the season in Atletico Madrid performing at a high level. In fact, he was the one chosen by Simeone to occupy the point of attack alongside Álvaro Morata. But with the passing of the games, both attackers have been lowering their level to the point where the Argentine coach has resorted to other options like Griezmann, Correa or Matheus Cunha to occupy the lead.

In the transcendental duel against Bruges in the Champions League, Simeone left Álvaro Morata and Joao Félix on the bench. But not only that, but with a tie on the scoreboard, he did not even choose to take out the Portuguese as a shock. something that caused a great anger in the playerwho even took off his breastplate in bad ways.

Athletic Camel
Morata stayed on the bench against Bruges

Joao Félix, sentenced at Atlético de Madrid

This situation only aggravates the bad relationship that Joao Félix has with Simeone. A bad relationship that comes from afar, because in previous seasons he has not finished getting all the performance out of a player of unquestionable quality. However, he begins to know that his destiny is far from the rojiblanco club.

Even more so knowing that Simeone has the full support of the board, who despite the poor results continue to support him. That is why the solution is to ask for a transfer. A transfer that will not be favorable for Atlético de Madrid, who knows that they will not be able to demand the same amount that they paid for him in 2019.

The price that Atlético de Madrid sets for Joao Félix

In the summer of 2019, the mattress club agreed to pay Benfica 130 million for Joao Félix, who had just exploded in the Portuguese league. However, his value since then has not risen as anticipated. Quite the contrary, because three years later the value of the footballer is less, since his game has barely evolved.

That is why if Joao Félix asks to be transferred, Atlético de Madrid will ask for an amount close to 100 million euros. An operation that would result in losses for the rojiblanco club, which is beginning to resign itself to the situation of the Portuguese, who has not become the leader they expected. Now, everything points to the fact that next summer it could change the scene and the league.

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