Home Sports Simeone asks for 2 signings to stay at Atlético

Simeone asks for 2 signings to stay at Atlético

Simeone demands from Atlético the signing of a former FC Barcelona player

In style, the cholo has classified his requests to stay in charge of the mattress entity

The defeats in the last time, the lack of communion with the fans and the wear and tear could be the factors that definitively distance Diego Pablo Simeon of the technical direction of Atletico Madrid. For this reason and for many other things, they have proposed to please him in two transfer options that he has raised.

As a guarantee that things will go better, he has asked to manage two players, whom he knows perfectly well. Both share their nationality and have been following them for what has been done on the continent and the selection of their country. Is about paulo dybala and of Angel Di Maria, the man from PSG.

Dybala has Atlético on his agenda

In absolute power of Atlético is the fact that Simeone can add the signings that he has requested

It seems that all the meat on the grill is going to be put by a central defender. In any case, they are going to lean towards the location of one of the two because they are close to the end of their contracts. That means, better management and savings without sacrificing in any way the overall performance of the equipment.

The thing about Paulo Dybala responds well to the demands of the coach. Player with a lot of skill, technique and above all punch. His greatest virtue is knowing how to position himself in the areas where it best suits the team, and connecting lines thanks to his sensational passes. The only drawback is the 9 kilos net that he demands per campaign that would lead him to dispute the step with two giants, one from England and the other from Italy.

Di María, much tighter, also looks for his space

Now, looking at the second line, the Di María theme is one of the most comprehensive ones. He knows that he will not be a starter at PSG and therefore seeks effective solutions to guarantee his presence in the World Cup in Qatar. The mattress holder offers you stability, one that is gained thanks to its versatility.

As Simeone likes, the Di María noodle can play as a winger on both bands, creatively, and even inside. All this added to his rich technique, his leadership and that drive he has in each game makes him win whole. For now he is only in talks, but it is not ruled out that he could end up signing.



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