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Simeone asks Atlético to sign a top midfielder

The Argentine coach has not finished finding the player profile he wants for the team

The Atletico Madrid been searching for years midfielders of the profile that Simeone wants. A profile similar to that of Gabi and Tiago, for whom they have never found clear substitutes. In fact, in recent years, all kinds of profiles have passed by, but none have managed to convince.

Saúl, Héctor Herrera, Kondogbia, Marcos Llorente, De Paul, Lucas Torreira, Lemar, Thomas or Rodri are some of those who have passed through the team. But none of themdespite the fact that they have performed at a high level, have managed to establish themselves as the starting midfielder for Simeon.

Atletico Simeone
Arturo Vidal, an alternative for the center of the field

Atlético will look for a new midfielder for Simeone

That is why, given this situation, the club is working on the arrival of new players to cover the midfield. And it seems that now there is a strong candidate. This is a player who knows the Santander League well and who could join the rojiblanco club in the summer.

This is Arturo Vidal, who by character and characteristics fits perfectly with the team’s game idea. Likewise, it is a market opportunity, because except for surprise, he will leave Serie A once this season ends, since his situation in the locker room has become complicated.

Arturo Vidal will leave Inter in the summer

As has been published recently, Inter Milan is very upset with the footballer. And it is that his recent declarations affirming that he dreams of playing for Flamengo have not pleased the fans or the board of directors, who are working to find a way out for him.

Given the high level of the player and his extensive experience, there will be many great teams that will knock on his door. One of them will be Atlético de Madrid, who see in the footballer a player with a lot of character who could be the extension of Simeone on the pitch.

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