Sima: “Everyone has made a great effort to make me feel comfortable”

First assessment of your stay in Malaga. “Could not be better. Since I arrived they have welcomed me very well, I am very comfortable, I already had contact with my teammates from the National Team, and the players I had faced but did not know have made a great effort to make me feel comfortable and one more in the team. And this is reflected in how well I have entered and I have been able to contribute from day one”.

Opponent analysis. “Gran Canaria is doing things very well. It will be difficult to win there, but we are going to fight for 40 minutes to continue in the good dynamics we are in. It is a very complicated team and pitch, but we are going with all the confidence in the world and continue on the path we are on”.

Yankuba Sima hammers with authority.


Yankuba Sima hammers with authority.Mariano Pozo

Characteristics of the Granc playersto. “They are very well trained. Their style is very physical, they like to run a lot and play very dynamic. It is also noticeable that they are on a good run, it is a very difficult team. It will be a fight to try to win there, but we are in a very good dynamic and we are confident to go there and win the game”.

Keys to victory. “It will be a very big fight in rebounding, since they have very big centers and power forwards who are aggressive attacking the offensive rebound on every play. They also have good ball handlers and we have to prevent them from feeling comfortable on the court. We have to play our dynamic game, fast, and that’s where we’ll see”.

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