Silvia Pinal denies that she is in poor health

Silvia Pinal He reappeared in a video posted on his social networks after the rumors that have arisen about his state of health, although his eldest daughter, the actress Sylvia Pasquel, also clarified the situation a few days ago.

“I want to tell everyone who is worried about my health that I am perfectly fine, even if they don’t want to believe it,” Pinal said from the comfort of his home. “Yeah, I’m fine!” He added humorously.

Alejandra Guzm├ín’s mother appeared with a good face, with makeup and hairstyle intact and dressed in a pink blouse.

On July 24, the public relations man Emilio Morales assured that the 91-year-old actress was in poor health, “after the fact that since yesterday afternoon, her blood pressure is very low, her defense system compromised and with very little strength in general!”.

For her part, the next day, Sylvia Pasquel confirmed that her mother is in perfect condition and challenged Morales to show a medical certificate to prove what he says.

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