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Silva and Brais are the ‘sheriffs’ of Europe

Silva and Brais are the 'sheriffs' of Europe

If you have David Silva and Brais Méndez in your team nothing can go wrong. It may take time to come out well, it may take longer than desired, but it is difficult that in the end the ball does not end up entering the goal of the rival team. And Real Sociedad are lucky to have them on their team this season. Together. And when they come together, the heavenly chords of good football sound. And they allow txuri-urdin to continue dreaming of first place in their group in the Europa League. Together they cemented the hard-fought victory in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, against Sheriff Tiraspol. A great goal from the canary served to open the can already in the second half. And another spectacularly kicked free kick by the Galician allowed Aritz Elustondo to make it 0-2 and finish the game at the Zimbru Stadium. At the Sheriff’s house they showed that they are the Sheriffs of Europe. The gunmen from the continent who consolidate the leadership of Real in a group that includes Manchester United. It is not a small thing.

And that this history with Soviet dyes, in an unprecedented scenario for the Real, had not started well at all. Because in the first part, Real Sociedad tried to take over the game through possession of the ball, but the push of the Sheriff due to the imposing physique of his players ended up prevailing so that the game was played more to what the Moldovans wanted. the txuri-urdin. Cedric Badolo roamed freely in the center of the field and dangerously prowled the area around Remiro’s goal, finding shooting positions from the edge of the field. Fortunately, what he did not find was a goal. And when he found her, Remiro was ready to avoid major shocks. La Real seemed stuck playing inside.

Silva, Brais and Merino got entangled in the Sheriff’s spider web, which accumulated too many people in his field. Little by little she became the owner of the game, monopolizing the ball, but I lacked speed in circulation and finesse in the last pass. Even so, Sorloth, Brais and Silva, with a great free-kick, had options to have put Real ahead before the break. The realistic team grew with the passing of the minutes.

And the break came. And it served to reorder the ideas. To calibrate the forces. To tell himself that he had to take a step forward. Be more aggressive in the pressure, more incisive in the attacking actions and more accurate in the association. Imanol put the batteries to his players. And they responded. Wow yes! From an action by Sorloth, surely the one who best interpreted what my game needed, the 0-1 was born that unblocked the task. The Norwegian received inside the area, served David Silva in the front, and the Canarian took a wonderful shot out of his hat that cleared the cobwebs from Koval’s goal. The Real breathed. The Sheriff was beginning to suffer. Then came Sola’s key move, causing Kyabou to be sent off and the foul that made it 0-2. Brais Méndez, from the same place and in the same way that he did in Gironalaunched a free kick with a devilish thread, but this time Elustondo arrived to subtly comb the ball and make it impossible for Koval to stretch it.

The objective of winning in Moldova and consolidating the leadership, decisively putting their classification back on track, was almost fulfilled. It was missing to put the finishing touch to the party. Merino almost did it with another magical pass from Brais, but his chopped shot went over the goal. So neat was the task that even Imanol was able to manage loads and give important players minutes of rest. La Real walks with a firm step in Europe. And all thanks to his two ‘sheriffs’: Silva and Brais.

S. Tiraspol

  • 35


  • fifteen

    Gaby Junior Kiki

  • 6

    Stjepan Radeljic

  • twenty


  • 18

    M. Kyabou

  • 61

    Rasheed Ibrahim

  • 28

    Joseph Vitor

  • 8

    Mohammed Diop

  • 10

    Cedric Badolo

  • eleven

    Philip Viseu

  • 80

    Believe Atiemwen

  • Dock
  • two

    patrick kpozo

  • 4


  • 42

    Renan Guedes

  • 33


  • 17


  • 7

    Abou Ouattara

  • 1

    Dumitru Celeadnic


Salifu Mudasiru (65′, Iyayi Atiemwen), Abou Ouattara (65′, Pernambuco), Aritz Arambarri (68′, Alex Sola), Carlos Fernandez (68′, David Silva), patrick kpozo (76′, Felipe Vizeu), Benat Turrientes (76′, Brais Mendez), Asier Illarramendi (76′, Mikel Merino), Jon Karrikaburu (80′, Alexander Sorloth)


0-1, 52′: David Silva0-2, 61′: Elustondo


Referee: Harald Lechner
VAR Referee: Christian-Petru Ciochirca, Alan Kijas
M. Kyabou (16′, Yellow) Alex Alone (28′, Yellow) Believe Atiemwen (30′, Yellow) M. Kyabou (60′, Red)

Group E PT pjs PG PE PP
1 9 3 3 0 0
two 6 3 two 0 1
3 3 3 1 0 two
4 0 3 0 0 3
Group E PT pjs PG PE PP
1 9 3 3 0 0
two 6 3 two 0 1
3 3 3 1 0 two
4 0 3 0 0 3



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