Silence and surprise in the RFEF with Ramos’s attack on De La Fuente

Ramos’ harsh statement against Luis De la Fuente has surprised the Spanish Football Federation. In the first place, because they did not expect the ex-captain to make his talk with the coach public. And secondly, because the attack of the PSG center-back has not been in line with the elegant gesture that the coach has had when personally informing him of the decision not to have him in his new project in front of the Absolute.

Officially, in the RFEF they do not want to publicly assess Ramos’ statement, but they do thank him for his contribution to the National Team and his 180 caps as an international. They will not make any public statement at the moment. In the federal entity they did not expect the former captain to issue a statement this Thursday, much less, with such acrimony towards the new coach. The Sevillian’s style has had nothing to do with the way in which other great captains or legends said goodbye to the National Team: Raúl, Casillas, Busquets, Iniesta…

Different attitude with Luis Enrique

This attack by Ramos towards Luis De la Fuente contrasts with the silence that the Sevillian kept when Luis Enrique did not call him up for the last World Cup. The central defender wanted to have a chat with the former coach to express his willingness to be summoned, even accepting a secondary role. The Asturian coach agreed to receive him and invited him to have a meeting with him in Madrid before making the call public. Ramos traveled from Paris for said meeting. Subsequently, Luis Enrique did not include him in the call. The central defender conveyed his discomfort with the former coach among his surroundings, but did not publish a statement as he has done with Luis De la Fuente.

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