Sikkim from plains in one train through mountain tunnels

The hilly state of Sikkim, bordering China, Nepal and Bhutan, will soon join India’s rail network. Tourists will reach the hills of Sikkim from the plains in one train. The railway is being built from Sevak in West Bengal to Rangpo in Sikkim. At present, more than 75 percent of the railway work has been completed. The Ministry of Railways undertook the Sikkim Rangpo Rail Project in 2008-2009 to connect Sikkim with the entire Indian rail network. This information is reported Indian Railway Authority.

Experts believe that if this railway is opened, there will be an incredible change in the traffic of that area. Due to this, domestic and foreign tourists will be freed from the violence of taxi drivers. As it will be much easier to go from West Bengal to Sikkim, this railway will also play an important role in the transportation of goods.

The construction of the railway through the tunnel is going on

The only national highway to Sikkim was blocked due to landslides during monsoon. At that time Sikkim was virtually isolated. The construction of this railway will change that situation. Besides, the Sevak-Rongpo railway could have an impact on the economy. As a result, Sikkim can be reached in one train from any part of India or Dhaka. Sikkim’s tourism-based economy will get a boost. It also has national security implications. A large part of Sikkim is bordered by China. When Sikkim ends, China’s territory begins.

Darjeeling Member of Parliament Raju Bist recently visited the Sevak Rangpo Rail Project to see the progress of the project. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken several projects for the development of Northeast India. After this project is completed, Sikkim can be reached directly by train.

Mahinder Singh, project director of PSU IRCON International under the Ministry of Railways, said that around 6,000 workers are working 24 hours a day. The work is being done with utmost care. Because the entire project falls in Seismic Zone Four and Five which is prone to severe earthquakes. Besides, there is always a risk of landslides and flash floods here. Indian Railways is working on this important project keeping in mind the safety issue. This railway line will later be taken up to Gangtok.

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Most of the 45 km Sevak-Rongpo railway will pass through mountain tunnels. About 38 km of railway will pass through the tunnel. Railways have built a total of 14 tunnels, 22 bridges for this railway. The longest tunnel is more than three kilometers long.

the tunnel

The work of this tunnel between Tarkhola and Tunglangkhola in Kalimpong district of West Bengal has also been completed already. About 12 thousand crore rupees have already been spent on the project. It is believed that this railway will be opened for passengers by the end of 2024.

Meanwhile, many people hope that if this railway is opened, the suffering of tourists being held hostage by taxi drivers will also be reduced. Tourism is popular day by day among the Indian tourists and Bangladeshi tourists as well

Sikkim has become the spot. At present, Mithali Express train can be reached from Dhaka directly to New Jalpaiguri station or by road to Sikkim via Banglabandha, Hili border in North Bengal. Again, many tourists cross Sikkim via Bagdogra, Siliguri or NGP by train, bus or plane from Kolkata. Four years ago, Sikkim was connected to the whole of India by air for the convenience of fast travel.

However, due to the erratic weather in the mountains, air communication is closed for a large part of the year. Airfare is also beyond the reach of common people. As a result, 99 percent of tourists visiting Sikkim have to come to New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri by any means of transport.

Complaints of tourists – after that the harassment of taxi drivers started. Domestic or foreign, tourists from the plains of Siliguri to visit the hills of Sikkim have to bear the brunt of local taxi drivers on reaching Siliguri. During the tourist season, the asking rent of Rs 2,000 is two to three times higher.


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