Sikander Kher left the show after hearing this from Kirron Kher, the actress stopped holding hands.

<p estilo="text alignment: justify;"This 'India's Got Talent' weekend will be a very special one for Kirron Kher as his son Sikander Kher will be a guest on the show this week. Sony TV has released the promo for the upcoming episode on their Instagram account in which Kiran is seen showering love on her son Sikander, but in the meantime, the actress says something like this after hearing her mother Sikander leaves. the program. It seems, however, that the actress then stops him by taking his hand and he stops. But don't panic after reading all this because this is all happening for fun, not seriously.

What did Kiran say like that…?
Actually, Kiran… tells about the marriage with Sikandar, after which the actors get up and leave, only then does the actress take her hand. Kiran says: ‘Today I’m also very happy that Sikander is sitting with me, doing a good job too, I like him a lot too. Yes, only one thing is missing, I want a daughter-in-law.” Hearing this, Sikander blushes and says, “I’ll come see you later…” Hearing Sikander’s words, Kiran takes her hand. After that, Badshah asks Sikandar a question. The emperor asks: ‘You must have seen it and the news has also reached you that when I sit here, I get scolded a lot. So I want to know that they also scold you at home? On the question of the emperor, Sikandar says: “I have worried my mother a lot.” Watch video.



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