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Signs, insults, attacks … the endless scourge of anti-Semitism

“Jewish power, planetary threat”, “Rogue Jewish bankers”, “All Jews, all socialists” … The anti-Semitic messages found this weekend in several mailboxes in Romainville, in Seine-Saint-Denis, illustrate once again , the threat that hangs over the community on a daily basis.

They are added to the long list of acts committed each year. Insults on social networks, hateful registrations, threats, attacks that can go as far as murder … Faced with the scale of this scourge, justice acts when it is seized, but fails to contain it.

In addition to Romainville, another affair bathed in anti-Semitism stirs the news this week. Today, the Metz criminal court must indeed render its judgment in the so-called sign case, brandished during a demonstration against the health pass, on August 7, by Cassandre Fristot. This teacher had written the names of several Jewish people on her sign, with an ambiguous slogan: “But who?”, To designate the community which, according to an old cliché, would occupy the ruling spheres.

A very present ideology

For many associations this affair is only the reflection of the countless anti-Semitic messages published on social networks. And these are shared by audiences of all stripes. “We identify three forms of anti-Semitism”, describes Simone Rodan-Benzaquen, European director of theAmerican Jewish Committee : “The first can be qualified as Muslim, because he is not necessarily Islamist. The second is from the far right and the third from the far left, with hatred of Israel. “

The problem exploded in the early 2000s, she analyzes. “Before, we counted around 80 acts per year. Then the number rose to 350, or one per day. It’s fluctuating but structural, the numbers are not going down. ” An uninhibited anti-Semitism, which sometimes leads to acts of extreme gravity. The physical assaults are numerous, sometimes going as far as the most abject murder.

Next week will open the trial of the Mireille Knoll case, which took place in 2018 in Paris. The octogenarian had been stabbed eleven times and his body partly burned by two men. The anti-Semitic nature of the crime was retained, one of the accused having, during a discussion with the future victim, accused the Jews of “having financial means and a good situation”.

A difficult fight to fight

For the authorities and the government, the fight against anti-Semitism is particularly complicated to carry out, because this ideology is often transmitted within a community, a circle of friends or a family. The Interior Ministry has called on website hosts and social media managers to “take responsibility” in an attempt to stem the spread of hate messages. An anti-Semitic site was closed in August.

Not enough to consider the end of the problem, however. In a context where the terrorist risk is still strongly anchored in France, this designation of Jews as responsible for many problems makes them potential targets. Places of worship thus remain particularly monitored, especially during religious holidays.

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