Significant development in the murder case of Maira Zulfiqar, the DNA of the named defendants was compared

A statement issued by the Lahore police said that the DNA of the defendant named Zahir Jadoon in the Maira Zulfiqar murder case has been compared to the evidence.

A police statement said police recovered three unused bullets from a caliber pistol and two blood-stained tissue papers at the scene. DNA will be detected.

Police say they found three mobile phones used by Maira at the scene.

It is worth mentioning that Maira Zulfiqar was assassinated on May 3 at her residence in Defense Lahore. Police arrested the defendants Zahir Jadoon, Tahir Jadoon and the driver Mohammad Wasim in the case.

The murder case of Maira Zulfiqar was recorded in her uncle’s complaint. According to the FIR, the victim had told the applicant a few days ago that two of her friends wanted to marry her but threatened to kill her if she refused. The girl’s refusal, the two killed her along with two strangers.

According to the initial autopsy report, two bullet marks were found on the victim’s body, one on the victim’s neck and the other on the arm, death was caused by a bullet in the neck.

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