Siggy mother killed her baby

Mumbai: In the Indian state of Rajasthan, a mother was involved in the sad murder of a four-year-old child, the brutal accused has been arrested.

According to an Indian media report, the body of a four-year-old child was found in the Chambal river in Rajasthan. When the police started the investigation, the mystery was revealed that the mother was the murderer of the little child.

The brutal accused has been arrested who confessed to the crime in her initial statement and said that my son was congenitally disabled, his mouth was always drooling and he used to urinate in his clothes due to which I She was very worried.

The accused has been identified as Afroz Khatun, the accused told about her brutal act that I was going to Mangrool to attend a wedding ceremony, at the same time I got down from the bus with a despicable idea that I wanted to implement. .

The accused said that she pushed her six-year-old daughter towards a rock and strangled the mentally challenged child to death.

According to the police, an eyewitness had seen the accused committing this brutality, on which the police first recovered the child’s body and handed it over to the relatives and later arrested the brutal mother.

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