Since the beginning of April of this year, the Superintendency of Electricity ordered the partial annulment and revocation of resolutions numbers RC-16-2022 and RC-19-2022 issued by the Bidding Committee of the International Public Bidding for Additional Generation of up to 400 MW through long-term contracts of the Electricity Distribution Companies (EDE), arguing criteria that violate the bases of the process.

The Superintendency, through communication SIE-E-CSIE-SI-2022-028, dated April 13 of this year, addressed to the Bidding Committee and the executive vice president of the EDEs, Andrés Astacio, issued a contempt warning in the compliance with resolution SIE-022-2022-LCE issued on April 6 and which orders the nullity and revocation of two awards, one for 75 MW and the other for 103 MW, in favor of the Karpower Ship company.

The SIE reiterated the order to the Bidding Committee designated for the process, to fully comply with what was instructed, both in form and substance, and warns the Committee and the electricity distribution companies themselves that failure to comply with the regulator’s mandates will be considered as “serious faults” or “very serious” and that the SIE reserves the right to initiate administrative actions provided for in current regulations.

The urgent bidding process (LPI-EDE-02-2021) to install 400 new megawatts (400MW) to the national electricity system was launched on December 1, 2021 and concluded last April, without indicating the winning company. .



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