SIBA Energy will make an additional investment of 100 million dollars for the construction of the combined cycle power plant

The Board of Directors of SIBA Energy approved, with an additional investment of 100 million dollars, the start of the process of development and construction of the combined cycle of this natural gas thermoelectric plant, located in the municipality of Boca Chica, Santo Domingo province.

The president of SIBA Energy, Luis Mejía Brache, reported that “with the development of the combined cycle, this plant will reach a capacity of up to 280 megawatts, as a result of the production of additional energy derived from the recovery of heat that escapes from the turbines.” .

This emergency project, built in record time, at a cost of 225 million dollars,

It is made up of twelve natural gas turbines with a nominal capacity of 210 megawatts and has the capacity to alternately operate with diesel and hydrogen. Its units are coming into operation sequentially, based on the normal testing and regulatory compliance processes, and six turbines are already technically available for the commissioning procedures required to inject energy into the system. At the end of March, a total of ten Titan PGM 130 turbines will be available to the system and in April the technical process for the start-up of the two remaining Titan 250 turbines will be completed.

When the second phase of the combined cycle is completed, this power plant will reach a total investment amount of 325 million dollars.

SIBA ENERGY’s rapid start-up capacity, combined with its flexibility to operate in blocks, allow it to contribute to supplying the growing demand for electricity in the Dominican Republic, while complementing renewable energy generation and providing power and energy reserve in the event of failures and scheduled maintenance of other plants.

The plant is owned by the SIBA Energy Corporation consortium, made up of the Haina Electricity Generating Company (EGE Haina), SGN Energía and Monte Río Power Corporation, national companies with long experience in the electricity and energy markets.

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