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Shweta Tiwari obtained custody of her son Reyansh, said: ‘For 2 years, Abhinav put on a show everywhere’

The famous television actress Shweta Tiwari was fighting a legal battle with Abhinav Kohli for a long time for the custody of her son Reyansh. At the same time, now the court has rendered its decision in this case. Tell him that the court has turned over custody of Reyansh to Shweta. After which Shweta looks very happy.

At the same time, the court also allowed Shweta’s husband, Abhinav Kohli, to meet his son Reyansh only once a week. The court said Abhinav can meet Reyansh only in the presence of other family members. The court also ordered that if Abhinav Kohli can speak to Reyansh once a day for 30 minutes via video call.

Shweta Tiwari, happy with this court decision, while speaking to the Times of India said: ‘This is what I wanted, I am very happy with this decision. In the last 2 years, wherever I went with my son, Abhinav has followed me all the time. Wherever he used to go with Reyansh, he used to create a fuss after getting there. Which has been a very bad experience for me and Reyansh. It was mentally debilitating and exhausting. Not only this, Abhinav used to threaten me many times even after coming to my house.

Please tell him that this is Shweta’s second marriage to Abhinav. She was previously married to Raja Chaudhary. They both have a daughter. Whose name is Palak Tiwari. Like Shweta, Palak Tiwari is also an actress and will soon be making her Bollywood debut. At the same time, after a few years of marriage to Abhinav, there was a break in their relationship. And Shweta parted ways with them. Although both the Reyansh children and their daughter Palak Tiwari live in Mumbai with Shweta.

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