Shuffle, no excuses: “Schedule? Heat? Calendar? They are regrets that do not lead you to anything ”

Rubén Baraja wanted his footballers to assimilate what awaits them tomorrow in Cádiz. At least the heat at 2:00 p.m., because of tension and pressure they have been served for weeks. The coach planned the last training session prior to the same time that the match against the people of Cádiz will take place. Hence, he attended the press before that last session and without being able to confirm if the headdresses Thierry, Fran Pérez and Castillejo They will be at your disposal. A priori that was the idea, that he could count on both -not so with Kluivert, who points to Wednesday against Villarreal-, and thus be able to make rotations, because Valencia has enjoyed 48 hours less rest than those of Sergio González, who played on Tuesday against Osasuna while those from Baraja beat Valladolid on Thursday.

Precisely that last victory, due to the form and substance, makes Valencia travel to Cádiz this Saturday with a different face. The black and white team comes from adding two consecutive victories for the first time for more than a year and the 3 points against Valladolid allowed them to at least get out of the relegation places after four consecutive days stuck there. “This is a long-distance race, we have not yet achieved our objective and each match is essential”, recalled Baraja.

How are Fran Pérez, Castillejo and Thierry?

All three have trained normally and we will assess. We are at a time when there are still games left and we are not going to risk situations for them to have relapses, because now they can miss the remainder of the season if one relapses. Those who make the list will be 100%.

They have had two more days off, what do you think?

The calendar is like that, I can’t do much more, I have to assume it, just like the schedule. It cannot be an excuse and it cannot influence us. We want to play a complete game to have a chance of winning the game in Cádiz. No need to review it again. They are regrets that lead to nothing.

You can apply your caution…

Completely. This is a long distance race. Two victories are good, of course, because it gives us the chance to get out of this situation. But this goes on. We have to be plugged in and every game is important. We have not achieved the objective and each game is essential. The two victories are positive, they have to free us in terms of confidence and see what we are capable of doing. The team feels strong despite the difficulty. It is the way for the Cádiz party.

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Do you think that Javi Guerra is ready to start?

He is prepared to participate at any time, it can be at the start or during the game. The other day he lived a magical night, but today is another day. This consists of being the best possible every day. The important thing for a footballer is to have regularity and what he did yesterday he has to do the next day as well. It is the message that I send him. When you work, he has options to be on the team.

What would give him a new victory?

When you have this situation the best medicine is to win. We have to take advantage of the inertia in Cádiz. All that is winning is getting closer to the goal and getting away from the difficulty we are experiencing. We can beat anyone.

What kind of match are you expecting?

We expect a very difficult match. Cádiz is a very intense team, which does not give up value, which takes a lot of center, which has to be very focused and intense, because at any moment the game can change for you. We have to control those situations. It will be difficult and you have to face it with the will to want to do things well.

System: defense of four or five?

I am not going to go into that, it is the usual debate, that if four that if five. We will assess the best option for the team.

A match for rotations?

It is a possibility that we are considering. One important thing for me, against X, you have to have fresh legs and maintain a high pace, the heat and the schedule have an influence and it is something that we value, for sure.

What do you say to the fans that you will travel to Cádiz?

I’m speechless. It is no longer a 10, it is an 11. What the fans are doing is tremendous. What concerns me is being able to give the minimum. Let them be proud of how we compete in matches. The fans are going to spend eleven hours on the bus to cheer on the team, imagine what that is and the responsibility we have. When you get to a field outside and see hundreds of people, it’s tremendous. And what is lived in Mestalla is brutal at all times.

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