Shuai Peng incident tightens the rope between WTA and China

The complaint made by the Chinese tennis player Shuai Peng, in which he accused the former vice president of China Zhang Gaoli of sexual harassment, could have consequences in the development of several women’s tennis tournaments in the Asian country.

All this commotion comes after the disappearance of Peng herself after making the complaint, although the tennis player reappeared again a few days later. Some facts that the WTA, the main women’s tennis organization, has already announced that it will investigate to take the necessary measures.

However, the Shuai Peng incident could lead to the rupture of several agreements between China and the WTA, whichEU organizes several tournaments in the final stretch of the season in the Asian country. In fact, the WTA Finals should have been held in the city of Zhuhai, which gave up hosting them because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with The New York Times, Steve Simon, president of the WTA, He dropped the possibility that the organization will not hold tournaments there if episodes like Peng’s are repeated and if what happened is not fully investigated. “He showed tremendous courage when it came to making this complaint public. Now we want to make sure that we get to a place where a full and transparent investigation into what happened. Otherwise, it would be an offense not only to our players, but to all women. If we do not see the appropriate results of this investigation, we are prepared to take the step and not continue holding tournaments in China if that happens. “ affirmed the leader of the WTA. Thus, the great women’s tennis tournaments could have their days numbered in China if the causes of sexual harassment and the subsequent temporary disappearance of Shuai Peng are not clarified, in an act that has shocked the tennis world.

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