Shriya follows this advice from Shahrukh to date, do you know what King Khan said to the actress?

Bright-eyed Shriya Pilgaonkar began his cinematic journey with the Marathi film ‘Ekulti Ek’. It was a film based on an English film. Which is based on the father-daughter relationship. His father Sachin Pilgaonkar and his mother Supriya Pilgaonkar also acted with him in this film. Overall, this movie got 6 awards. Shriya Pilgaonkar also received the Best New Comer Award for his excellent performance in the film. Apart from Marathi movies, Shriya Pilgaonkar has appeared in many TV commercials. In an interview with Mayapuri magazine, Shriya spoke about his heart.

Shriya showcased his talents globally in the French film UN Plus UNA with Oscar-winning director Claude Lelot. After completing his studies at Harvard University, Shriya produced and directed many short films. Along with this, Shriya has also endorsed many big brands with celebrities.

Shriya Pilgaonkar was waiting for a great opportunity to work on a Hindi film and soon his wish would come true. Shriya began her film journey in Bollywood with the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan. Shriya entered Bollywood with the movie ‘Fan’. Her performance in this movie was highly appreciated. Ella shriya also received the award for best new actress for this film. She had a lot of fun working with the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan in this movie. Along with this, the lessons given by Shahrukh Khan mean more to the actress. Shahrukh Khan had advised the actress that no matter how BG is in the web world, but she would never stop reading books. Another habit of Shahrukh’s that attracted Shriya, Shahrukh himself has a keen interest in books. By the way, Shriya loves the book ‘The Love Story’ by ‘Nichole Cross’.

Shriya’s performance was further highlighted in the Mirzapur wave series. In this she played the character of Sweety in a very good way. With this movie, she got people’s love more than before.

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Shriya is a great actress, producer, director, as well as a great singer. She shriya she said that she likes to sing a lot. Apart from this, Shriya also likes to swim, she has also won many medals in swimming competitions. She was also passionate about becoming a translator and linguist, which is why she learned Japanese and French as a child. She likes ghazals better. Her favorite ghazal is ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’, she also likes Kathak, so she has also trained in Kathak.

The daughter of father Sachin Pilgaonkar and mother Supriya Pilgaonkar, Shriya has been very intelligent from the beginning, so even in her childhood she was a very stable child. Both Sachin and Supriya are great actors. Shriya says that one thing about her mother always encourages her is that she is never worried about work. Sachin says of her father that she is a person with discipline, dedication and a tremendous memory.

Shriya doesn’t like going to the party at all. Shriya said that she doesn’t go to many parties, but yes, by going to the party you definitely meet people whose work you like and from whom you can learn something. Shriya feels that the worst thing about these parties is that there is no one hundred percent honesty. Shriya recounted that he had once accidentally boarded the wrong train. But he remembers that experience to date, he made a lot of friends on that train.

Apart from Hindi films, Shriya has also made Marathi, Telugu and Tamil films. Which includes ‘Ekulti Ek’, ‘Un Plus Une’, ‘Fan’ (Fan), ‘Jai Mata Di’, ‘House Arrest’, ‘Bhagra Paa Le’, ‘Kaadan’, ’13 Mussoorie’, ‘Mirzapur’, ‘Beacham House’, ‘Murder in Gonda’ at Agonda), ‘The Gone Game’, ‘Crackdown’, ‘Guilty Minds’.

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