Shrek 5 Movie Release Date and Latest Updates: Everything We Know So Far

What You Need to Know: Shrek 5 Release Date Confirmed

After the confirmation of Shrek 5, DreamWorks has announced the release date of the film, which will hit theaters in 2026.

Why Shrek is a Gem

Shrek has gone beyond animation, with its characters, story, ironies, and jokes still relevant today. The franchise has made us laugh, with phrases like "Better outside than inside" or "You are so wrapped up in your onion layers" becoming iconic. We’re also nostalgic for the classic dubbing that brings the characters to life.

Shrek 5 Update

The latest update from Eddie Murphy confirms that he has already started recording Donkey’s voice for the upcoming film. This is great news, considering the success of Puss in Boots 2. Antonio Banderas will also return for Shrek 5. However, Cameron Diaz’s return is still in talks. She retired from acting in 2014 but has recently agreed to return for Back in Action from Netflix.

The Story So Far

As the release date draws near, there’s no news on the story or how this new adventure for the ogre will unfold. We don’t know if it will be immediate to what we last saw in the fourth Shrek or if there will be a time difference between the films.


With Shrek 5 on the horizon, fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting more information. While there’s still a lot to learn, the confirmation of Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas’s returns is exciting news. Let’s hope we’ll soon have more details on the story and release date.

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