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Should you talk about your health problems to your boss?

54% of employees talk to their boss about their slightest health problem and 21% do so only when forced to, in the event of a stoppage (Genie des Lieux survey, December 2021). What attitude to adopt?

Yes, tell your boss about your health issues

Headaches or stomach aches, back pain, dizziness… all health problems are fortunately not so serious that we have to stop. But some can still be tiring enough to complicate work life. Might as well tell his N+1, especially if no external symptom allows him to be alerted. This will avoid misunderstandings.

Indeed, he could worry about a decline in form or a gloomy mood and interpret it in a negative sense. Would this employee be demotivated? No, he just has a big migraine. The chef will be able to make sense of things, to lighten the workload a little, especially if you are not used to complaining at the slightest ailment. Last reason to play fair: if the glitches worsen and force a prolonged absence, this will not be a surprise internally.

Can we admit that his motivation is down?

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No, keep your health issues to yourself

Nothing more painful than these employees coming to complain at the slightest ingrown toenail. They would like us to feel sorry for themselves and allow them to slow down. They are rarely the hardest at work. One of two things: either their health concerns really prevent them from working normally, or it doesn’t. And only a doctor (not complacent) will be the judge, deciding on the advisability of a work stoppage.

Managers are not intended to do “bobology”. They have enough problems to deal with as it is. As for the collaborator who suffers from mild pain, we will invite him to take a little on himself. And not to constantly invoke his little worries to justify reduced activity. Otherwise, the rest of the team will drink. There are already enough sick people or contact cases at the moment not to add more.


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