Shopify, an American e-commerce company, does not intend to become a marketplace. However, the Shop application has, making the purchase faster and easier for the customer. There are several who claim that Shopify will not be a marketplace. Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify, in an interview with The Verge stated the following: “No, we have no plans to be a market.” However, his actions claim otherwise.

Updates to the Shopify platform

New updates and innovations have been introduced that offer help to customers when making purchases. Before, the app didn’t have a cart where to enter purchases, far from it, a payment method. However, these functions are currently available.

How will these new changes work? Well, all you have to do is click on the product you want, and then another window will open with the store’s website. This facilitates the purchase process since you can make your purchases without having to leave the application.

Something that has yet to be modified is the option to search for articlesIn other words, Shopify can only search for products through merchants. However, if the company modified this option, it could harm these merchants, since only the products would appear.

Do youOn your line or on a new course?

All these changes suggest that Shopify is really heading towards the marketplace, although the company itself remains determined to contradict it. The company is satisfied with obtaining millions of downloads per month, surpassing the largest in the market such as Walmart, Nike or Target, although it is still below the American giant, Amazon.


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