Shopify introduces AI-powered image editor

Shopify has announced the biggest update to its platform in 10 years. In the so-called “Shopify Winter 2024 Editions‘, the company introduced more than 100 updates to help companies be more productive and creative. New features include Features based on generative AIwhich are added to those introduced by Shopify in July last year.

Specifically, it says in a statement best conversion, pipeline, operations and development tools, all to facilitate national and international sales, both on the store’s own website and through other channels. In honor of the Shopify brand name, which is derived from the word “simplify,” the company emphasized: “work to make things easier«, highlighting the power of the AI ​​that is now integrated its entire platform.

New features include Semantic search (semantic search), a new AI-powered feature that goes beyond term or keyword matching to better understand buyer intent and deliver richer, more relevant search results that can help increase conversion.

Likewise with Magic Media EditorShopify wants to help sellers Edit the backgrounds of your product images using AI. This tool also gives them the ability to match an image’s background style to an existing image to maintain the visual consistency of their respective brands and even remove unwanted backgrounds.

The Headless B2B Storefronts feature helps businesses Create highly personalized shopping experiencesincluding the use of Shopify APIs and developer tools to make this possible B2B cash registers and access personalized products and prices in stores headless. Also includes an update “Sales Representative Permissions” that enables companies «Assign sales reps to B2B customers so they can only place orders and view information for assigned customers«. This allows you to use roles to define specific levels of access for sales reps.

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The new function again ‘Subscriptions’, free, provides merchants an easy way to set up and manage their subscriptions directly from Shopify Admin. Hence the toolwill help increase customer lifetime value and predictable revenue by offering your products as subscriptions, giving customers the flexibility to change their subscription orders directly from their user account«. You can also skip an order or change your payment details.

Likewise from the function “Storefront Performance”Using the Liquid Storefronts dashboard, merchants can improve their customer experience and positively impact store rankings and the ability to sell more. Finally, “Checkout extensibility and one-page checkout” speeds up the single-page checkout process in a simplified way to reduce the time it takes the shopper to complete the purchase to an average of four seconds.

“At Shopify, we deeply understand the ever-changing needs of commerce and are constantly updating and improving to keep our merchants at the forefront of innovation. “In this edition, we reveal over 100 product updates that ensure brands can rely on Shopify to attract more customers, expand to more channels, streamline operations, and enjoy best-in-class development experiences.” has explained Gonzalo Torres, Country Manager of Shopify Spain.

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