Shooting in Iran: Man kills 12 family members with assault rifle

In an unprecedented tragedy, a 30-year-old man carried out a devastating attack in southeastern Iran, leaving 12 of his family members dead. The attacker, whose identity has not yet been revealed, used a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the attackThis was the deadliest shooting in Iran’s recent history.

According to Ebrahim Hamidi, head of the Kerman provincial justice department, the attacker targeted his own relatives, including his father and brother. amid obvious family disputes. The attack occurred early this morning in a remote rural town, highlighting the profound impact of domestic conflict in the region.

This terrible event marks an unprecedented number of deaths in a country where the possession of firearms is strictly regulated. Although Iranian law requires citizens to own hunting rifles, the use of a Kalashnikov rifle in this context highlights the seriousness and premeditation of the violence.

This tragic incident is reminiscent of previous episodes of gun violence in Iran, including a workplace shooting in 2022 and a family massacre in 2016. The escalation of violence in the country comes amid economic turmoil exacerbated by strict US sanctions that have increased social tensions and contributed to violent incidents across the country.

As Iran grapples with the consequences of this tragedy, questions are being raised about arms control, psychological support and family conflict resolution in society. The authorities and the international community are paying attention to measures that can be taken to prevent future acts of violence and ensure the safety of Iranian citizens.


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