Shoigu, Russian Defense Minister, says that the armed rebellion did not affect the performance of the Army

Moscow (BLAZETRENDS) that the abortive armed rebellion did not affect the performance of the Russian Army.

“The provocation did not affect the actions of the group of troops. The military continued to bravely and selflessly solve the tasks assigned to them, ”he emphasized in a telematic conference with the high command of his department.

Shoigu also assured that, in general, the Ukrainian forces “did not achieve their objectives in any of the directions.”

Ukraine claims to have reclaimed another 37 square km

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced today, however, that the Army recovered over the past week another 37 square kilometers of territory in the east and south of the country.

“Our Armed Forces continue to inflict damage on the enemy, which significantly reduces their offensive potential,” Shoigu stressed.

Shoigu, Russian Defense Minister
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. BLAZETRENDS/EPA/Gavrill Grigorov/Sputnik/Kremlin Pool

In his opinion, this demonstrates “the skill of our fighters and that clearly (Ukraine) overestimated the expectations of the praised Western weaponry.”

The minister assured that Russia has destroyed 16 Leopoard tanks on the Donetsk, South Donetsk and Zaporizhia fronts since the start of the Ukrainian counter-offensive on June 4, in addition to 15 planes, three helicopters and 920 armored vehicles.

He also said that Russia’s air forces intercepted 158 rockets from the Western HIMARS multiple launch missile system, 25 British Storm Shadow long-range missiles and 386 drones over the past month.

Shoigu noted that in total, since the beginning of June, Ukraine has lost 2,500 pieces of various types of weapons “in all directions” from the front.

According to him, despite the losses, “the Ukrainian leadership, at the insistence of Western curators, requires the command of the Armed Forces to continue the offensive.”

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Who is Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defense Minister

The Russian army general said kyiv is trying to make up for its “inability to ensure success on the ground through terrorist attacks against civilian targets and thus achieve propaganda effect.”

The Russian Defense Minister further indicated that work has begun to form the management bodies of the new Moscow and Leningrad military districts, and that personnel are being trained.

He also announced that the recently announced Army Corps is also being formed.

In turn, he assured that the modernization of the A-50 early warning aircraft (AWACS) will significantly increase the effectiveness of the use of Russian troops during the operation in Ukraine.

The A-50 entered service in 1989 and its main weapon is the Shmel radio complex, which can detect targets within a radius of up to 600 kilometers and simultaneously control up to 300 targets: air, ground and surface.

Russia has little hope that its part of the grain deal will be fulfilled

Russia also declared that “there is not much hope” that the Russian part of the grain agreement will be fulfilled, which allows the export of grain from Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea and which will expire on the 17th if it is not extended.

“There is still time, but there is not much hope,” said the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, in his daily telephone press conference, noting that to this day the Russian part of the agreement remains unfulfilled.

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