Shis Kanya singer Avanti Sinthi is getting married

Popular singer Avanti Sinthi is getting married. Her future groom’s name is Amit Dey. He is based in London. Their wedding ceremony will be completed on December 15 at a party center in Mirpur in the capital.

Talking about the wedding, the singer, known as Shis Kanya, said, “I haven’t known Amit for a long time.” It will take 7-8 months. He sings very well. We met while singing a song together.

“The song isn’t over yet, but we’re getting married (laughs).”

He said that Amit has been living in London for about 13 years. After completing his accounting studies, he now works in a financial company. He also sings.

Amit can also play the keyboard and piano very well. Although in London, her real home is in Sylhet.

Avanti said: “The entire organization of the wedding will be done in a family way.” Both families completed all the formalities before the wedding. I was blessed last August.

Amit will also return to the country early next month after taking a month-long vacation.
Note that Avanti Sinthi grew up in Jamalpur. She became known for her singing when she was a secondary student at Jamalpur Government Girls High School and a higher secondary student at Digpait Shamsul Haque Degree College. He learned to play the guitar and harmonium at a young age. During his studies he sang at various events.

Amit said
Avanti Sinthi’s groom Amit Dey

In 2006, Sevabar entered the Close-up One competition but didn’t get very far. He took part in this competition again in 2012. This year he finished in the top ten. However, Avanti also gained attention for his participation in Saregamapa, a musical reality show on Zee Bangla television in West Bengal, India. But before that, he went viral on social media by singing his song ‘Jehkan Shimanda Tomar’ by Kumar Biswajit using his bare voice. Unlike this song, by making musical instruments out of foil paper, metal coins and two plastic cups to sing the song.

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His songs ‘Rupkathar Jagate’ and ‘Pakhi Pakhi Man’ in the two web films released a few days ago named ‘Netwerker Bayre’ and ‘Nine20’ respectively were well received by people. Furthermore, the song ‘Gaan Chuye Bal’ sung in the film ‘Suranga’ released last Eid was also appreciated by everyone. This singer regularly sings in films. He also received praise for his only song.

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