Shipwreck of a freighter off Japan, eight dead including six Chinese sailors

The “Jin Tian”, a freighter flying the flag of Hong Kong, was about 110 kilometers west of the Danjo Islands, a remote and uninhabited micro-archipelago in southwestern Japan, when it sent a signal to distress late Tuesday evening. The ship’s captain used a satellite phone to notify the South Korean Coast Guard that he and his crew would be abandoning the sinking ship in the early hours of Wednesday morning, according to the Jeju Island Coast Guard. Korea near the sinking area.

Several Japanese Coast Guard and military ships and planes, as well as South Korean Coast Guard and private vessels, took part in the search operation which resulted in the recovery of 13 of the 22 crew members. Lu Guijun, consul general of China in the Japanese city of Fukuoka, told Chinese state television CGTN on Thursday that among those 13 people “eight deaths have been confirmed, of which six are Chinese”.

Nine people still missing

“Five of them, including four Chinese crew members, are not in mortal danger,” he added. “We express our deepest condolences to the [proches des] unfortunate victims. The Japanese authorities have not yet confirmed the report given by the Chinese diplomat, indicating this Thursday that they could only say that nine people are still missing and that, of the 13 others recovered, two are dead.

Chinese diplomats visited the Nagasaki Coast Guard, the consulate in Fukuoka said, where they laid flowers for the deceased crew members and expressed condolences. They also visited the survivors, conveying a message from the Chinese ambassador to Japan and providing them with clothes, food and drink, the consulate said.

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