Shilpa Shinde was not the first choice for Angoori Bhabi, this famous actress was offered a role!

The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain show started in 2015 and now the show has turned 6 years old. In these 6 years, this show and its characters have also had a different fan following. Although each character on this show is very different and unique, the most surprising is Angoori Bhabi. Her beauty is unmatched, just as her speech also drives everyone crazy for her. Currently, Shubhangi Atre is seen in this role and before that Shilpa Shinde was seen in this role. But Shilpa Shinde wasn’t the first choice for this role either. Rather, this role of Angoori Bhabi was first offered to Rashmi Desai.

Television actress Rashmi Desai was first cast for the role of Angoori Bhabi. When he was offered this role, he also really liked this role. But due to Tiwari ji, he refused to play this character. Yes … when Rashmi Desai found out that they were hiring her opposite Rohitash Gaur, she refused to play this role. In reality, he felt that his partner would not fit in with Rohitash Gaur. Because he is much older than her. After which this role came to Shilpa Shinde and she said yes. But after playing this character for a year, he was also fired from the show for personal reasons.

After Shilpa Shinde left the show, the search for a new Angoori Bhabi began and the search ended at Shubhangi Atre. Even though Shubhangi couldn’t do magic at first, after a while people liked Shubhangi Atre very much and today it has fully settled in people’s hearts.

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