Shikha Malhotra auditioned for Chamkila and then gave up acting, you know what the reason was

: Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Fan” and actress Shikha Malhotra, who will star opposite Sanjay Mishra in 2020, are nurses by profession. Who helped many people during the Corona period. During this period, the actress was surrounded by many diseases. Shortly after confronting him, the actress suffered a stroke. The actress bravely faced it and defeated the disease. Recently, the actress spoke openly about her period and shared many surprising things.

Speaking recently to Pinkvilla, Shikha revealed: “She worked in the Covid ICU for more than a year during the pandemic. As a result, she caught the virus herself and had to be hospitalized for about a month. Shikha also spoke about having a brain stroke and the subsequent paralysis of her body, saying, “I was a victim of paralysis for a long time.” When I was released, I could not walk properly. I woke up every morning holding onto the walls and trying to walk.

Shikha said, “My weight kept gaining due to illnesses of my mother, who is a retired nurse. At that time she took care of me. I struggled a lot to recover from the paralysis. To get out of there, I started learning yoga, kathak, and classical music. Then I was in a lot of pain, but I never gave up.

On her return to film, Shikha said, “After almost a year of recovery, I decided to return to acting. I had just recovered and felt like another mountain to climb. I got a call from Mukesh Chhabra about the audition. When I got there I found out that it was a film by Imtiaz Ali called Chamkila and I was called to play the main character’s older sister. When I saw my audition, I looked very old in it. “So I asked them to remove me immediately … and after that I decided not to do any more auditions.”

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The actress said: “I wanted to join my fraternity, which is doctors and nurses. I also usually give injections and bandages to my doctor in my company or on set. I don’t take money because it’s a “service” on my part. At first I thought maybe I wasted my 4-4.5 years with this. But during Covid I realized that I was made to do something special.”

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