Shiba Inu more popular than dogecoin among European investors

Meme coins are now an indispensable part of the world of cryptocurrencies† The emergence of these cryptocurrencies has proved nothing short of miraculous. In a short time, coins such as dogecoin (DOGE) and shiba inu (SHIB) managed to conquer the hearts of many crypto investors. For a long time, dogecoin was the absolute king of meme coins, but in the meantime Shiba Inu seems to have taken over this lead with some conviction.

Shiba Inu vs. Dogecoin recently published a study that examines the popularity of certain cryptocurrencies among European investors. The study collected Google data over a period of more than a year and published it in a well-organized report. The research generally reveals few surprises. so was bitcoin (BTC) by far the most popular cryptocurrency in no fewer than 21 countries. Also did ethereum (ETH) and for example cardan (ADA) it excellent.

Remarkably, shiba inu was more popular with many European investors than the original king of meme coins; dogecoin. Especially in the past year, the popularity of shiba inu has shot through the day and this was often at the expense of the demand for dogecoin. SHIB even turns out to have been the crypto of choice for crypto investors in at least seven European countries! These included the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland and Italy.

Dogecoin remains popular

Elsewhere in the world, however, the balance seems to be shifting slightly more in favor of dogecoin. Where shiba inu is clearly more popular in Europe than dogecoin, American investors still firmly believe in dogecoin. In the United States it was certainly 23 states dogecoin the most popular crypto coin in the past year.

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The rivalry between these two digital assets remains strong. However, their values ​​are closely correlated as the communities behind these tokens have quite a bit of overlap with each other.

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