Shiba Inu is now accepted by America’s largest VR club

VR World, the largest virtual reality center in the Americas, has announced that it will accept Shiba Inu as a payment option on its platform.

VR World partners with BitPay

VR World accepts the SHIB tokens in conjunction with the payment processor BitPay. This means that purchases with SHIB will be possible at all merchants that already accept BitPay or where digital gift cards can be purchased through the wallet app.

BitPay has grown into one of the world’s largest payment service providers for cryptos. More and more companies are partnering with the company to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. BitPay started supporting Shiba Inu tokens since last week.

VR World is a major player in the NFT world and hosted the afterparty for the NFT.NYC conference last month. Leo Tsimmer, the CEO of VR World, indicated that after this event, it was clear to the company that cryptocurrency has made its way into everyday life.

Shiba is becoming more and more accepted

Shiba Inu was created as ‘just’ a meme coin, but has quickly grown into more than that. The SHIB token has seen a huge increase in users and more and more companies are starting to adopt the token. The payments industry has welcomed SHIB, largely due to the fact that it enables cheap and reliable transactions.

At present, Shiba Inu is accepted by millions of retailers around the world. ItBuy SHIB with iDeal Gemini-backed digital payment company Flexa, for example, told its followers a few days ago that they can now make payments with SHIB in more than 40,000 stores across the United States.

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Also, travel company Travala and online electronics retailer Newegg also announced this month that they will be accepting SHIB tokens as a means of payment.

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