Shiba Inu developer: Shibarium is ready and introduction starts tomorrow

Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama has revealed that Shibarium is finally ready and several blog posts will be released on Medium starting tomorrow to introduce the highly anticipated layer-2 solution to the world.

Nevertheless, Kusama has revealed that he won’t release the beta until Kaal Dhairya, a fellow Shiba Inu developer, has finished mourning his late father.

Shibarium is ready

Kusama made this announcement today via his official Twitter account. He wrote: “Tomorrow my first in a series of medium messages introducing the world to Shibarium will be released. But I won’t say anything until Kaaldhairya has finished grieving.”

Shiba Inu’s lead developer explained the situation in a Telegram post. The SHIB influencer Lucie shared the Telegram message in a recent tweet. Kusama stated in the Telegram post that Shibarium is ready and wants to launch the beta as soon as possible. However, he stressed that nothing will be released until Dhairya finishes grieving.

SHIB announcement telegram

Kusama mentioned in the Telegram post that the series of medium articles he will publish tomorrow aim to disprove some common misconceptions about the layer-2 solution.

Kusama warns about FUD

Kusama further revealed that there is currently an organized FUD campaign against him. While he has evidence on the identities of those behind this campaign, he will not reveal it to the public as he believes he is above it. Despite this, he clarified that the parties behind the FUD campaign are trying to undermine the community, but he will not allow it.

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These revelations came a few hours after Kusama announced that the real version of Shibarium was likely to launch in May. It is noteworthy that while Kusama has stated that Shibarium is ready, he has still not announced a final launch date.

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