‘She’s a born liar, she has a psychiatrist…’, when Ajay Devgan raged at Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon, the blockbuster actress of the 90s, gave more than one movie hit in her time. Along with the movies, Raveena also discussed her personal life. Apart from Akshay Kumar, Raveena’s name was also associated with Ajay Devgan. This couple was well liked by the audience in the movie ‘Dilwale’. They both started dating but when Karishma Kapoor came between them, there was a break in their relationship.

Raveena Tandon has said that she was in a relationship with Ajay Devgan and also claimed that Ajay had written her love letters, which she can show as proof. When Raveena made this claim, Ajay and their relationship deteriorated ever since. Ajay was enraged after hearing these claims from Raveena Tandon. He later called the linking of the actress’s name to hers a simple publicity stunt. Ajay even called Raveena a real liar with Dramebaaz.

Ajay Devgan had said that Raveena was friends with his sister Neelam. Because of this, she used to come and go at home. When Raveena started such activities, they could have scared her away, but they didn’t do anything like that. At present, both of them have advanced in their respective lives. While Ajay Devgan married Kajol, Raveena chose businessman Anil Thadani as her life partner.

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