Sherwood Forest Visitors Exasperated by Naturist Presence

The famous Sherwood Forest is at the center of a controversy. According to legend, Robin Hood once wandered there to rob the rich and give it to the poor. Today, visitors to Sherwood Forest in central England regularly meet naturists. To the point of exceeding even some.

Many tourists flock to these forests every year to admire some of the oldest oak trees in Europe and to feel the atmosphere of the adventures of Robin Hood, a legendary character since the Middle Ages, chased by the Sheriff of Nottingham. But this place is also popular with naturists, which is not to the liking of Robert Robinson, who has launched an online petition asking the authorities to intervene.

“Lately, nudists sometimes walk in groups of up to 12 men,” says this local resident in the petition text, adding that his wife has stopped jogging in the woods since she met “a naked man in the bushes. doing good. ” . He also complains about signs that seem to welcome naturists by asking them to dress when they return to their vehicle.

“There is no need to walk naked. Clothes do not prevent you from appreciating the forest ”, he enrages. “Since June 2020, there are so many naked men, it is intimidating,” approved a user on the petition page. On the forest page on TripAdvisor’s travel advice site, another visitor, Dave, complained last May that “out of control nudists” were gathering in groups.

These accusations have caused shame to the authorities. In England it is legal to be naked in public as long as the behavior is not considered offensive or offensive. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, which manages the site, explained that naturists had frequented the places “for decades” and that their presence there was “tolerated and effectively legal, as long as they adopted a certain behavior.” The organization specifies that the fact denounced by the petition has not been reported to it and recommends contacting the police to report such situations.

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