Home Business Shein will continue with the launch of its marketplace in the US.

Shein will continue with the launch of its marketplace in the US.

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USA will be the next stop for the marketplace of Shein. This has been announced by the company in a releasewhere he has detailed that the marketplace will launch in the US country before rolling out to other global markets. Specific, Shein Marketplace it will house local and international third-party vendors along with Shein-branded apparel products as the company expands to meet growing demands for product variety.

In the same way, the company has explained, the marketplace will allow sellers to access Shein’s real-time knowledge and learn from the company’s demand measurement and production-on-demand capabilities. “By using this unique model for over a decade, Shein has been providing cost savings and competitive pricing for its customers. Vendors will further benefit from access to Shein’s vast customer base.an ongoing process for product fulfillment and global brand marketing and company social channel exposure.have underlined in the note.

In addition, Shein Marketplace sellers will accept and be bound by Shein’s marketplace services agreement and policies, which include a code of conduct and policies and terms that protect the customer experience. «Shein is committed to delivering the best shopping experience for customers and empowering the communities where we operate while doing so.”has declared Sky Xu, CEO of Sheinensuring that “By bringing new sellers to Shein Marketplace who are aligned with our vision of making fashion beauty accessible to all, we are creating greater value for our customers while enabling local businesses to grow with us”.

Late last month, the company officially launched its marketplace in Brazil. In line with what you posted EcommerceNews at the beginning of last December, Shein He had been preparing his jump to the marketplace model for several months. The company kept as a strategic objective to continue promoting its business model, taking advantage of the full potential of its online commerce platforms to begin to accommodate third-party brand articles and products.

Proof of this was the alliance that the company established with Amazon in July 2022 to begin selling its products through the marketplace; but, those responsible for Shein were very clear that they wanted to navigate alone. During the past year, Shein also carried out a series of pilot programs both in the case of Brazil and in Mexico, which have already ended with the formal conversion of the Shein platform in Brazil into a marketplace open to offers. from third brands.

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