Shein records the first Amazon sellers in the US.

Since the company launched last May, thousands of sellers have joined Shein’s US marketplace. The most, Amazon seller, which Shein seems to be aiming for. Specifically, according to the US portal MarketplacePulseThese are Chinese sellers whose products are stored in Amazon fulfillment centers. However, Shein has also convinced other prominent figures such as JuvoPlusone of the largest US sellers on Amazon.

The company is reaching out to Amazon sellers with messages like: “Given the success you’ve had on Amazon, I’m reaching out to you today and giving you the opportunity to bring (…) to the Shein Marketplace.«. One of the requirements to join Shein is that Sellers must have at least $2 million in annual sales on Amazon. For those who do, Shein offers free and commission-free advertising for the first three months.

However, with this strategy, according to MarketplacePulseuntil now, “Shein has only been able to persuade a few dozen US sellers to sell on its marketplace, compared to thousands in China.“. Even young D2C brands stay away from Shein. Of course, everything indicates that Shein will continue to recruit sellers and that Amazon will be the focus in the short term.

Shein has already filed a dozen lawsuits in the United States this year alone.

The way of Shein in the United States was overshadowed by the allegations of plagiarism. The Chinese company is in the crosshairs of brands and designers and lives with constant accusations of copying its designs. Known for selling budget fashion through its platform at prices much lower than any customer can find in stores, A dozen lawsuits have been filed against Shein in the United States this year alone for intellectual property infringement.

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One of the latest from H&M Copyright infringement on the Swedish company’s designs. Also that of his rival Temu from violate US antitrust laws, as reported by the Reuters news agency. Temu added that he “had to take”legal action” to protect their rights and those of their sellers from the “increasing attacks‘ from Shein while claiming this Shein employs at least four strategies to stifle competitionincluding imposing fines and penalties on suppliers who work with Temu and requiring suppliers to sign them.oaths of allegiance“.

In July, Shein She was also sued by a group of American designers in federal court in California for “large-scale and systematic theft of intellectual property from American designers large and small” And “Engage in extortion activities related to the usurpation process“.

Shein sales will reach $30 billion in 2022 and according to the Financial TimesThe company assumes that the Global Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) reaches $80 billion in 2025

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