SHEIN launches its own reselling platform

SHEIN today announced the launch of «SHEIN Exchange«, an online resale section for consumers to buy and sell second-hand SHEIN products.

The project arose, as explained in the statement, when SHEIN fans began on social networks to request that a space be created to sell products. Therefore, the goal of SHEIN Exchange is meet community demand providing a one-stop destination for customers to become active participants in circularity and promote the benefits of buying second-hand clothing versus buying new items.

«At SHEIN, we believe it is our responsibility to build a fashion future that is equitable for all, while accelerating solutions to reduce textile waste.“, said toDam Whinston, Global Head of ESG at SHEIN. «SHEIN Exchange’s goal is to make reselling as easy and convenient as buying something new, while also igniting a cultural movement of circularity within our own SHEIN community. We’re calling on our community to mobilize and keep the clothes you’ve already owned in circulation for as long as possible. Leveraging the reach and influence of our growing community, we believe resale purchases can become the new normal in our industry.«

The new section can also be found through the existing SHEIN app. SHEIN Exchange will streamline the reselling process to make it easier for sellers to list their items as they can do so directly from their «previous purchases«. This allows you to create a list for sale quickly and easily.

For now, the pilot project has been launched in the United States, although in the future it could be extended to other countries. SHEIN is developing the project as part of the firm’s broader commitment to address current textile waste issues and build a more circular fashion future. By empowering its community of millions of US customers to buy or resell on the SHEIN Exchange, SHEIN aims to influence and promote mindful consumption among its customers, ultimately extending the life of as many items as possible. This year, SHEIN also became a signatory to World Circular Textiles Day, a coalition of brands, suppliers and other organizations that share a mission to shift the fashion and textiles industry towards full circularity by 2050.

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SHEIN Exchange was created in partnership with Treeta leading US technology platform for resale that creates circular fashion experiences for a number of fashion retailers.

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