Sheikh Hasina inaugurated Padma Bridge, will be surprised to know the specialty

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Padma Bridge.


  • Bangladesh has completely built this bridge with its own money.
  • The World Bank withdrew from its construction after allegations of corruption.
  • It is believed that the construction of this bridge will increase the GDP of Bangladesh.

Padma Bridge: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday inaugurated the country’s longest bridge, showcasing Bangladesh’s “potential”. The special thing is that the construction of this bridge has been completely done with indigenous money. Earlier this bridge was to be built in collaboration with the World Bank, but after reports of alleged corruption surfaced, the World Bank withdrew from the project, after which the rest of the donors also withdrew. In this context, the construction of this bridge was very challenging for Bangladesh.

‘This bridge is a symbol of Bangladesh’s ability and pride’

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At the inauguration of the bridge, Sheikh Hasina said that the Padma bridge is not just a pile of bricks and cement, but a symbol of Bangladesh’s pride, its potential and glory. The length of this bridge over Padma river is 6.15 km and it connects southwest Bangladesh with the capital Thaka and other parts of the country. The cost of construction of this multipurpose road-rail bridge is $ 360 million (about 28 thousand crore rupees), and the entire expenditure has been borne by the Government of Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina expressed her gratitude to the people involved in the construction of the Padma bridge.

‘It’s not a pile of brick, iron and concrete, it’s our pride’

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Speaking at the inauguration of the bridge, Hasina said, “I have no complaints against anyone but I think those who opposed the construction plan of Padma bridge and called it a ‘daydream’, lacked confidence. I hope this bridge will instil confidence in them. This bridge is not just a pile of brick, cement, iron and concrete, this bridge is our pride, it is a symbol of our capability, strength and pride. This bridge belongs to the people of Bangladesh. Meanwhile, the Indian High Commission has congratulated the Government of Bangladesh on the completion of the project.

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Bangladesh’s GDP will see a jump of 1.2 percent

Talking about the features of the bridge, it is 6.241 km long and 22.5 meters wide. It is the largest bridge built in Bangladesh as well as in the lower reaches of the Ganges. The bridge has a 4-lane highway on the top floor while there is a single track railway on the lower floor. It is believed that the construction of this bridge will increase the GDP of Bangladesh by 1.2 percent.

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