She fakes her kidnapping and plays the ransom paid by her husband to the lotto

A man came to the police station in Badalone, Catalonia (Spain) on the night of October 4 to report the disappearance of his wife. The victim was reportedly kidnapped and the husband received a ransom demand of 6,000 euros.

An investigation was then opened by the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan autonomous police, reports El Diari de Girona relayed by The Independent. A few hours later, without news of the 47-year-old victim, the police called in a unit specializing in kidnappings.

A ploy already known in Spain

These agents quickly realized that the Catalan had not been kidnapped at all. She had indeed staged her own kidnapping in order to extract money from her husband. The forty-year-old was found in good shape in a gambling hall. She was about to play the lotto part of the sum that her husband had paid for his ransom.

Arrested for “simulation of crime and extortion”, she was presented to the prosecution and then released under judicial supervision. The date of his judgment has not yet been set. According to El Diari de Girona, this ploy would be used regularly in Spain.

The authorities therefore wished to recall that search operations require significant human and material resources, and that any false offense or crime is punishable by law. Catalan law enforcement officials have also indicated that current technical devices make it increasingly difficult to simulate one’s own kidnapping.

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