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/Warning potential spoilers for Shazam: Wrath of the Gods!/

THE next March 29the public will have the opportunity to discover the long-awaited Shazam: Wrath of the Godsfirst stage of a polyptych DC Comics taking charge of closing the universe established by Zack Snyder years earlier. The feature film’s marketing campaign has, all in all, been quite effective since the film seems to benefit from fairly positive preconceptions as well as initial feedback which underlines its effectiveness in the field of high-profile entertainment. The lights are thus green for this new Shazam and this one should manage to grab a few more greenbacks than its predecessor (The first film in 2019 won a small sum of $365 million worldwide on a budget of around $100 million).

DC Comics seems to offer fans a masterful final lap for those who have the happy days of the Snyderverse. A few long months ago, the public rediscovered Henry Cavill in Superman during the post-credits scene of the black adam of Dwayne Johnsonbefore a proper rewind. James Gunn and Peter Safranthe new bosses of the firm, wants to wipe the slate clean and build something new. The Flash ofAndy Muschietti will be there to see, surely one last time, the Zod of Michael Shannon and the Batman of Ben Affleck. But it seems that Shazam: Wrath of the Gods would also be entitled to his very big cameo.

And it’s DC Movies himself who seems to scuttle himself by revealing a big surprise, probably to lure the public. A fan filmed a American TV spot which hardly seems to come from the editing, even if we have to wait for confirmation before confirming the presence of the mystery character in the film who is none other than…

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Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

To subscribers absent in the news around the DC universe since the fiasco of Wonder Woman 1984 and in the absence of horizons for a third opus led by Patty Jenkinsthe superheroine could be entitled to a last lap in Diana Prince. Before a new version of the Amazon? See you in theaters on March 29 to start getting some answers.

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