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Shariful Raj in the face of the cannon

Shariful Raj in the face of the cannon

On Sunday (July 16) midnight on Facebook, Shariful Raj posted a picture of a face on his verified Facebook page. Netizens attacked that post. Because at the same time Parimani informs that their child Rajya is ill. And at the same time, the netizens are angry with Raj.

The star couple Dhakai film actress Pari Mani and popular actor Shariful Raj have been discussing the tension in their personal lives for a long time. Because of this, they are no longer together. However, both of them have already informed that their family is no longer sustainable.

Earlier, the couple also cut a cake together on the occasion of son Shamim Muhammad’s 10th birthday.

But in recent times, Raj’s responsibility towards his son has come under question.

Raj was not seen even during the state’s illness a few days ago. When Rajya is down with fever, Pari rushes to the hospital alone. The actress informed about her son’s illness on her social media Facebook page.

While Pari is handling everything due to son’s illness, Shariful Raj is not seen in the scene. In the meantime, Shariful Raj suddenly posted a face picture on his verified Facebook page on Sunday (July 16) midnight. Netizens attacked the hero in the comments section of the post. Because around the same time Pari also posted pictures of his son’s illness on Facebook.

A netizen wrote on Raj’s picture, ‘You are really masked like this!! Salute!! Another netizen wrote, ‘Is this your real face?’

Another wrote, ‘Yes, this is your true form.

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