In June it served How you sow, a nonprofit organization that promotes the interests of shareholders, proposed a proposal urging Microsoft to be more environmentally friendly by making its products easier for customers to repair. This initiative is just one part of the growing pressure on major technology companies to encourage “right to repair” actions for customers.

Now it appears that Microsoft finally gave in to this pressure and agreed to expand repair capabilities. According to the ad repair options would be evaluated and expanded ‘by the end of 2022’.

In a statement to neowin As You Sow stated that it has agreed to withdraw its shareholders resolution under three conditions. The first is that Microsoft is facilitating independent third-party studies on the environmental impact of increasing access to repair options for Surface and Xbox devices.

The second requirement is to increase the availability of the documentation and parts required to repair Microsoft products outside of the existing network of authorized service providers. Finally, the Redmond-based tech giant “will initiate new mechanisms to enable and facilitate local repair options for consumers.”

How you sow, neowin


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