Shandy Cabral: “We want to leave the World Cup through the front door”

Alexandrina Cabral leads the National Team in goals and assists, and surely the World Cup will end in the top five. Shandy is not worried about the numbers but that in the end the Warriors go up to the podium. Today, on the day of rest, he broke the wounds of the clash against Norway, which in his case were moral and physical.

-When he asked for the change in the first part from the press position, he seemed dizzy.

-And it was. I received a blow to the face that split my lip. For a few moments I was taken aback.

-Have you overcome the double pain of that encounter?

-We knew that beating Norway was very complicated, that you had to play without mistakes, and in the second half we didn’t. We lost a lot of balls and we didn’t define well. We had that option, and we wanted it, but now we have another.

-Denmark is another Scandinavian team, although different from Norway, don’t you think? By the way, it was the team that Spain wanted to avoid in the round of 16.

-It is a very strong team, with a lot of quality in all its positions. Now, he has a lot of outside shooting, which is his strength, and that forces us, but if we are solid with our defense at 6-0 I think we can generate a lot of problems.

-France turned their semifinal with a 5-1. Maybe that defense is more effective.

-When I refer to a 6-0 score, I don’t think of a flat defense, but of aids, of going to court, of a lot of mobility. We have done it in many games and if we avoid suffering more losses than normal, I think we have a chance to finish the World Cup by the big door. We are going to give up everything to achieve it because it is a special Championship for us.

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-His personal performance is being outstanding (40 goals, 5 per game).
-To be honest, in this Championship I am not worried about my numbers. I want to help this great group, with goals, with assists, with defense, with whatever.

-When the veterans highlight the group, do they mean that those from before were not?

-Simply that it is a block that does not break down in bad times.

-Did Prades reserve it at the end of Friday for today?

-I think he thought there were others that should come out at that time,

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